Garco Financial evolved from predecessor entities first established in 2012 to purchase and operate independent insurance agencies and brokerage firms, typically in partnership with their former owners.  We seek to be an owner / investor in insurance firms where the current owners are looking for a perpetuation strategy for their business and a liquidity event involving the sale of some of their equity.  Ideally, we look for partnership opportunities where we can bring capital, deeper resources, scale and expertise to help insurance firms greatly expand the value of their business and thereby, increase their equity sale proceeds over time.  The principals of Garco Financial have transacted more than 20 acquisitions of various sizes and complexity.


We are well capitalized and you should care.  This is critically important to your future because it isn't just about getting the highest possible purchase price multiple for your firm.  You need a partner that has the ability to pay and meet its present and future financial obligations to you under any deal structure that is negotiated.  At Garco Financial, we understand how critical our ability to pay is to your security.  We realize that you can't come out of retirement or have to try to reclaim your business after you've sold it because an acquirer doesn't have the capital to pay you.   We have the ability to pay in cash, if this is the desired method.  In addition, we have access to substantial financing and if necessary, we can provide letters of credit for your security.  For larger deals (firms with greater than $5 million in annual revenue), we also have very close relationships with certain private equity partners with hundreds of millions to invest and who are anxious to support us.

Our Culture:

  • We are profit focused but, take a long term view.

  • Our business is a sales -AND- service business.

  • Relationships and people matter. Your company's culture is also an asset we are buying so it must continue and become a part of ours.

  • Ethics and professionalism - ours and yours- are non-negotiable.  We do things the right way, even when the right way is much more difficult or less profitable.

Michael A. Garguilo, CIC, eS
Founder and Principal
Call Mike: (404) 496-4331

Mr. Garguilo formed Garco Financial, LLC in 2014.  He served as President & Chief Executive Officer of National Program Brokerage, LLC from 2012 – 2017 after its acquisition by a predecessor affiliate of Garco Financial.  He and Garco sold their remaining stake in National Program Brokerage in 2017.

During his more than 25-year career in the insurance industry, Mr. Garguilo has held a variety of leadership roles with national insurance companies and brokerage firms.  Previously, he was Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of MCIC Vermont, Inc. and Medical Centre Insurance Company, Ltd., a $1.5 billion specialty insurance company owned by some of the nation’s most prestigious medical colleges and universities, including Yale University and Johns Hopkins University.   Prior to that, he was Executive Vice President with national insurance broker Brown & Brown, Inc. and served as President & Chief Operating Officer of Brown & Brown of Texas, Inc. (its Texas regional subsidiary).  During his leadership there, he was responsible for the acquisition of more than a dozen agencies, brokers and books of business in Texas.  Mr. Garguilo also served as Vice President & Worldwide Manager of the Commercial Program Division for the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies and earlier in his career, held various underwriting management positions with that company.  In between his two tenures at Chubb, he led commercial operations for The Hartford Insurance Group in Texas (and surrounding states) as Regional Vice President for that company’s South Central Region.

 A 1989 graduate of Stetson University with a degree in Business Administration and Finance, Mr. Garguilo completed The Hartford RVP Master’s Program in Commercial Insurance Operations & Sales Management at Babson College in 1998.  He earned his Certified Insurance Counselor professional designation in 2007 and certified Environmental (insurance) Specialist designation in 2015.  Mr. Garguilo is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.